STARCLEAN Meets World Class Silica Sand

On the east coast of Australia’s Cape York Peninsula in North Queensland lies a world-class Silica Sand Mine, with a problem so fine, it needed a touch of STARCLEAN. The silica sand being mined on this site is so fine that it has been a constant problem to contain their carryback problems. The continual loss of material piles up under the conveyors costing both the clean-up process and the loss of precious water.

The project saw PROMET join with ROLCO to install STARCLEAN scrapers on their conveyors. STARCLEAN offers versatile and simple installation possibilities, tool-less blade changes, cleaning and adjusting on the run.

The outcome eliminated the carryback of this fine sand and a client who got exactly what they were looking for. For the first time, the client was able to stand beneath the conveyors without feeling like they were in a sandstorm!

This high-performing solution is simple and it works.

This site has the highest production of silica sand of any mine in the world. A simple investment in STARCLEAN has reduced the costly clean-up and allows more sand to make it to the port for export.

If you would like STARCLEAN to meet your material, contact PROMET.

Fine Silica Sand

Primary STARCLEAN Scraper Cleaning Fine Silica Sand

Secondary STARCLEAN Scraper Cleaning Fine Silica Sand

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