Project Management & Build

Promet is passionate about our highly skilled project and build management team, which can oversee all phases of the development lifecycle, from initial planning, design, construction, delivery and on-going servicing.

Our project objectives are simple. Projects are to be completed safely, time efficient and cost effective, with excellent design and construction, and to perform as specified after commissioning. Promet offers comprehensive project management services in addition to aiding and consultation.


Our experienced team

We assure compliance with administration, documentation, commitment to workforce and labour solutions throughout the duration of the project and business systems to create an effective project delivery system for every project.

Our experienced team actively manages quality inspections, HSE assessments, and manage on-site personnel. Focusing on project constraints, variables, and objectives in order to identify and address emerging obstacles. We dynamically manage projects, providing clients with realistic forecasts and the opportunity to make project-specific decisions at the best time.

We understand the challenges of complex projects and are confident in our ability to implement solutions that address challenging situations.