Skilled Labour Hire

At Promet, we specialise in providing reliable labour solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your operation. Our team seamlessly extends your workforce, delivering the talent, skills, and results you require. We take pride in offering flexible services that can adapt to any site or environment, ensuring your needs are met efficiently. Our services are delivered by local professionals who combine extensive experience in Australia's resources and civil industries with dynamic expertise.



Our services

Convenient services that are flexible to suit every site and environment. Promet's people solutions are available in all skill levels and rostering combinations to suit your requirements, ranging from comprehensive arrangements to contract-based or managed service models.

Our workforce solution services include:

  • Shutdown service crews
  • Managed workforce solutions and supervision
  • Ad hoc roster and permanent staffing solutions
  • Trade, ticketed and licenced personnel
  • Service, maintenance, and installation of civil and mining equipment

What Sets Us Apart?

Promet stands out by leveraging our extensive networks within the mining and civil industries. We collaborate closely with our clients to seamlessly integrate prime trade-qualified individuals into their operations. Our objective is to support clients throughout all mining and civil cycle phases, from installation to operations to decommissioning.

Mining & Civil

Our team excels in navigating various operating locations, whether remote, rural, or urban, and understands their unique challenges and opportunities. We bring time efficiency and considerate professionalism to the table, ensuring swift solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Mining: We excel in distinguishing between diverse mining operations and addressing their distinct technological challenges. Material variation, location, and climate inform our design and product selection to maximise efficiencies.
  • Civil: Promet understands the dynamic nature of civil projects as they progress through various phases, from site preparations to works and demobilisation. We can provide the necessary skill sets for short-term peaks throughout the project lifecycle.


Our managed workforce packages empower clients to seamlessly integrate new skills and talent without compromising quality, compliance, or technical expertise. Beyond traditional search and integration procedures, we offer ongoing support and direction to new employees.

Our dedicated management support team based in Perth oversees payroll, leave, rostering, and other human resource obligations, allowing you to concentrate on your operation's critical objectives:

  • Productivity and performance management
  • Human resources, payroll, and administrative functions
  • Support solutions
  • Supervised skilled crews or trade qualified or skilled labour to supplement your crews, short or longer term

Expanded Services

Choose Promet for reliable labour solutions, and bid farewell to unexpected downtime. Our expert teams cover many areas, including operations, functions, technical aspects, and supply chain management, ensuring your systems run smoothly.

We provide dedicated professionals in various fields, from Geology to Logistics, and offer white-collar expertise, fixed plant maintenance crews, and mobile plant maintenance specialists.

Our White-Collar and Maintenance Services Include:

  • Operations Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Fixed Plant Maintenance
  • Mobile Plant Maintenance
  • And more

Don't let labour issues disrupt your operations. Partner with Promet for minimal downtime and peak efficiency!

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