When is a Primary Scraper not a Primary Scraper?

Fitting Conveyor Belt Scrapers onto chutes that already exist can sometimes be a compromise as the chute may have originally been designed for a different type of scraper or in some cases, the chute design cannot accommodate a primary and secondary scraper properly because of space restrictions. One such example is on one of our customer’s Lithium mine sites where most of the conveyors can only accommodate a primary scraper as the back of the chute is even forward of the 6 o’clock position of the head pulley.

Redefining the meaning of a Primary Scraper.

The word primary by definition means the main, principal or first. In scraper terms, it typically is the scraper mounted across the head pulley and used to remove the thicker layer of carryback material that can stick to the belt. The secondary typically mounted under the head pulley or further back, try to remove whatever the primary leaves and is typically the finer layer that adheres to the belt and causes all the common carry-back issues. The secondary is typically the more “precise” cleaner and more commonly uses tungsten carbide. It is very common that a primary and secondary scraper to work together to provide optimum cleaning results.

One for Two

In the above client’s case, 90% of their existing conveyors could only accommodate one scraper where the scrapings would follow the material flow. Due to the design of the conveyor systems, only a primary scraper was possible and practical. The incumbent scrapers of varying brands, all had issues with not being able to clean efficiently, and require lots of maintenance and regular replacement of consumables whilst in reality still needing a second scraper to make their performance remotely acceptable.

With these chute limitations, they needed a primary scraper that could clean extremely well. The STARCLEAN primary with overlapping tungsten carbide blades not only provides excellent cleaning results but in most cases is able to outperform two competitors’ scrapers. The high cleaning efficiency, longer consumable life, simplicity of adjustment and ability to clean the scraper whilst “on the run” ensures there is no drop in cleaning performance during the life of the blades. The flexibility and minimal footprint of the STARCLEAN system also ensures that you can fit the scrapers in anywhere!

This primary effectively acts as two scrapers in one and for this client gave cleaning results as they have never seen before! With this success, their site in only a matter of months has adopted the STARCLEAN system.

Not often encountered in the mining game but the STARCLEAN scrapers take simplicity and performance to a whole new level. Call or message for more information or a demonstration of the STARCLEAN system.

STARCLEAN Primary Scraper on Lithium

STARCLEAN Primary Scraper on Lithium #2

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