How Can You Safely Maintain Conveyor Belt Rollers?


effortless and safe conveyor maintenance


Do you find yourself asking how to maintain your conveyor belt rollers safely? Mining operations require high efficiency and the importance of safety standards to ensure smooth and productive operations. However, traditional methods of conveyor maintenance, like roller change-outs, often fail to meet these standards, resulting in increased downtime, safety hazards, and operational costs. 

At Promet, we understand and have faced these same challenges in the industry. We are committed to providing innovative solutions to streamline conveyor operations and maintenance while prioritising safety and productivity. In this blog post, we dive into the common challenges faced during roller change-outs on conveyor systems and introduce the SPARCRIC G, the groundbreaking inflatable conveyor belt lifting system engineered to overcome these challenges and offer safer, quicker and more efficient solutions for your operations.


Challenges in Conveyor Maintenance:Brunone Blog - Pictures 2

Lifting a conveyor belt to replace the idler rollers or frames may be dangerous and time-consuming. Have you ever considered these problems when conducting your maintenance on your operation?

  • Lengthy procedures leading to lost production time 
  • Safety risks due to inadequate tools and heavy lifting 
  • Dependence on multiple operators for roller replacement 
  • Lack of specialised equipment for efficient maintenance 
  • Accessibility issues in tight spaces or remote locations 
  • High operational costs and resource utilisation


The Outdated Methods:

Over the years, in our hunt to find the right mining equipment technology, we have seen some outdated methods used when changing our rollers. These methods included using metal bars, hoists, forklifts, or trolley jacks to lift the conveyor belt to remove and change the damaged or faulty idler roller.

These methods not only constrain production, time, and accessibility when changing rollers but also increase the risk to workers' health and safety.

At Promet, we made it our mission to find the perfect innovative solution to eliminate the worries of conveyor belt maintenance.


Introducing SPARCRIC G:

Brunone Blog - Pictures 1Brunone's SPARCRIC G is a revolutionary inflatable conveyor belt lifting system designed to simplify the process with roller replacement, enhance worker safety, and improve operational efficiency. Its design and user-friendly features make it the ultimate solution for conveyor maintenance challenges. 

It inflates using a simple low-pressure pump and fits perfectly when working on 3-roller stations; its lightweight and compact design allows easy transportation between maintenance areas. This innovation will change the working conditions for your operations and your productivity.

Innovative Difference:

Reducing the risks and speeding up the change of rollers on your conveyor belts while increasing safety and efficiently reducing workplace incidents. Sparcric G - is the lightest belt lifter in the industry.

Here's why we choose the SPARCIC:

  • Quick, efficient, and safe roller replacement operations
  • Lightweight and easily transportable for improved mobility
  • Compatible with a wide range of conveyor belt widths

Key Benefits:Brunone Blog - Pictures

The SPARCIC G is a universal solution to facilitate roller replacement during conveyor belt maintenance. This innovation can help you unlock several benefits, including:

  • Increased safety for maintenance personnel
  • Reduced downtime and production losses
  • Improved productivity with quicker maintenance procedures
  • Lower operational costs compared to traditional methods
  • Enhanced workplace ergonomics and efficiency


Ready to elevate your belt-lifting game?

At Promet, we're committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. With SPARCRIC G, we're revolutionising conveyor maintenance by offering a safer, quicker, and more efficient solution for roller replacement. Whether in mining, aggregates, cement, or any bulk handling industry, SPARCRIC G is one of the keys to optimising your conveyor operations. 

Contact us today to learn how we can transform your maintenance processes and improve productivity.

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