Can Conveyor Belt Maintenance Improve Safety and Efficiency in Mining?

Discover The Solution To Your Downtime And Safety Concerns

Enhance Mining Efficiency with Promet's Innovative Conveyor Belt Lifters


If you're grappling with downtime and safety concerns related to conveyor belt maintenance, particularly roller replacement, this blog post is your solution. Learn how to optimise efficiency and ensure your workers' safety. Dive into how Promet's innovative Conveyor Belt Lifters are revolutionising maintenance processes, minimising risks, and maximising productivity in mining operations.


Electric Belt Lifter In use


Our Revolutionary Conveyor Belt Lifters:

In the bustling world of mining, efficiency and safety are paramount. Every operation seeks solutions that streamline processes, minimise downtime, and ensure the well-being of workers. At Promet, we completely understand these needs. We're proud to introduce our revolutionary Conveyor Belt Lifters, designed to optimise conveyor solutions and revolutionise conveyor maintenance in the mining industry.



The Problem: 

Downtime and safety concerns conveyor belt maintenance, particularly roller replacement, which can be cumbersome and risky.

Traditional methods often involve:

  • Significant downtime
  • Manual labour
  • Manual handling
  • Safety hazards

Mining operations striving for seamless productivity face challenges. Our dedicated experts can help you discover the solution to these problems. Contact us today.

The LINK belt lifter: a unique, cost-effective conveyor solution with manual or electric activation for safer roller changes. It offers exceptional practicality, safety, and maneuverability, perfect for accessing hard-to-reach conveyor areas.
390mm to 1200mm (Belt Width)
link belt lifter electric
link rachet belt lifter-1


The solution:

Promet's LINK Belt Lifters offer a game-changing solution to these challenges. Our innovative design prioritises efficiency, safety, and ease of use, making conveyor belt maintenance a breeze.

Here's why our Belt Lifters stand out:

  1. Safe and Efficient Roller Replacement: Our Belt Lifters provide a safe and effective means of lifting conveyor belts, facilitating hassle-free roller replacement. Say goodbye to labour-intensive methods and hello to streamlined maintenance processes.
  2. Versatile Activation Options: Whether you prefer manual activation through the ratchet or the convenience of the electric option, our Belt Lifters offer versatility to suit your specific needs and preferences.
  3. Enhanced Worker Safety and Ergonomics: Promet's Belt Lifters prioritise the well-being of your workforce. With greater practicality, improved ergonomics, and reduced manual handling, our solution ensures a safer and more comfortable working environment.
  4. Designed for Mining Excellence: We understand the unique demands of the mining industry. That's why our Belt Lifters are meticulously crafted to meet and exceed your expectations, delivering unparalleled performance in even the most challenging mining environments.


optimise your conveyor maintenance:

Unlock Efficiency with Promet. At Promet, we're committed to providing the mining industry with best-in-class solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and safety. Our Belt Lifters are just one example of our dedication to innovation and excellence in conveyor solutions.

Ready to revolutionise your conveyor maintenance? Contact us today to learn more about our Belt Lifters and explore our comprehensive range of conveyor solutions. 

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Don't let conveyor maintenance be a bottleneck in your mining operations—Trust Promet to elevate your efficiency and safety standards with our cutting-edge solutions.

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