And then there were 3!

Recently, Promethea installed and commissioned 3 standard heavy-duty STARCLEAN scrapers on a 20km overland conveyor that runs up to 7.5m/s! This conveyor was until recently the world’s longest single-flight trough belt conveyor with horizontal curves.

As such, long and fast conveyors present unique extreme problems to belt scrapers due to the way the bulk material settles over the long distance on the conveyor. Add moisture and sticky, viscous material such as clay and you have a formidable opponent that does not want to come off the belt.

Prior to the three STARCLEAN scrapers, this conveyor had 7 name brand scrapers installed using pneumatic tensioning systems, multiple water sprays, pressure rollers, modified chutes and a wash station to house some of the extra scrapers. This solution aside from being expensive was completely ineffective causing:

  • Major issues.
  • Mess.
  • Lost material.
  • High water use.
  • High maintenance requirements and spare usage.

The STARCLEAN scrapers, on the other hand, consisted of one Polyurethane primary and two Tungsten Carbide secondaries. No water sprays, no air lines, toolless blade changes, concise footprint, and once set up require effectively no adjustment for the life of the blades.

The only housekeeping required is a regular wash down of the scrapers to avoid the build-up of carryback on the scrapers due to the high demands this conveyor places on the scrapers as you can see from the videos!

So did the replacement of the 7 to the 3 STARCLEAN scrapers work? The result for the client has been outstanding, surpassing all their expectations and scepticism. 

If you would like Promet to assess your installations and problem areas, and provide a solution that works, message us here, email or call 08 9249 8749.

STARCLEAN Primary Scraper at 7.5m/s

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